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The Raglan Sea - Wave Bowls

The forever changing and majestic Sea at Raglan has kept me spellbound since moving to New Zealand from Sweden five years ago. It is a magic place and the breaking waves never fail to fascinate me.

There is a beautiful tender sadness in wave watching. They rise and they slip away, a reminder of the evanescence in all that is. One moment we’re here, the next one we’re not.

In my work with the Raglan Sea series, wheel thrown and altered pieces, I’m trying to capture a wave-moment in time. The line, the movement and the blues.

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The contradiction within the ceramic process is fascinating. Fragility is its innate nature yet handled with care together with some luck it’s extremely durable. Some of Mankind’s oldest Museum treasures are made of clay.

Learning how to fly

Working with ceramics is an endless encounter with loss and disaster. So many things go wrong all the time. However there's an infinite beauty in the broken pieces and the discards. In my mistakes I often find gold and I'm learning one day at the time.

A Measurement of time

Work in progress




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